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Women In Architecture

We are proud to announce the January 2020 SPOT.Light for WIA Tampa Bay. SPOT.Light is a monthly showcase of women leaders in our industry from the Tampa Bay. Continue below to read about the January­SPOT.Light leader, Tang Fang, AIA, Project Architect at BDG Architects.­


About Tang Fang, AIA

Tang Fang's family fled to the refugee camps of Thailand after the United States withdrew from Vietnam because her father assisted the United States forces in the conflict.­ Luckily the United States was taking in refugees and we were accepted into the States in 1980.­ Fang grew up in San Diego but wanted to experience the four seasons, so she selected Cornell University because of the beautiful brochure showing the glorious autumn leaves over Bebe Lake.

After finishing Cornell's five-year architecture program, Fang started her career in Philadelphia with Kling Lindquist, an AE firm.­ She spent a short time in St. Paul/Minneapolis and then came down to the Tampa Bay area. Currently, Fang is a Project Architect with BDG Architects and runs her own small firm.­ She has extensive experience in master planning corporate campuses, all types of buildings that make a small city/campus work, pharmaceutical labs, and commercial retail.


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