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Women In Architecture

We are proud to announce the February 2024 SPOT.Light for WIA Tampa Bay! SPOT.Light is a monthly showcase of women leaders in our industry from the Tampa Bay.­ Continue reading below to learn about the February ­SPOT.Light leader:­ Paola Sacasa | Designer | JVB Architect, LLC

The mission of the Women in Architecture committee is to celebrate, encourage, support, and promote the success and leadership roles of trailblazing women to pave the way and make a positive impact on the profession of Architecture in the Tampa Bay Area.




September SPOT.Light - Dawn Mages­

October SPOT.Light - Kim Headland, AIA

November SPOT.Light - Beverly Frank, AIA

December SPOT.Light - Cathy Svercl, AIA


January SPOT.Light - Angela Hendershot, AIA­

February SPOT.Light - Taryn Sabia, Assoc. AIA­

March SPOT.Light - Jody Beck, AIA

April SPOT.Light - Tamara J. Rice, AIA

May SPOT.Light - Tiara Rubio

June SPOT.Light -­Vivian Salaga, AIA

July SPOT.Light - Paige Thomas, Assoc. AIA­

August SPOT.Light - Stephanie Ferrell, FAIA

September SPOT.Light - Kimberlee Debosier, PE

October SPOT.Light - Erica Stanbra Hagan, AIA

November SPOT.Light - Jennifer Reymundi

December SPOT.Light - Josie Hyde, AIA


January SPOT.Light - Tang Fang, AIA­

February SPOT.Light - Alicia Tanner, AIA­

March SPOT.Light - Stephanie Gaines, AIA, CFO

April SPOT.Light - Gloria Kloter, AIA, NCARB, CODIA

May SPOT.Light - Jenny Miers, AIA­

June SPOT.Light - ­Dawn Gunter, AIA, NCARB

July SPOT.Light­- Lindsay Evans, AIA

August SPOT.Light - Lisa Wannemacher, AIA

September SPOT.Light - Lilian Boutros, AIA

October SPOT.Light­- Ashly Anderson, LEED AP

November SPOT.Light - Mary Alvarez, Assoc. AIA, CDT

­December SPOT.Light - Linaea Floden, AIA, AHCA, LEED


April SPOT.Light - Ana Wallrapp, AIA, NCARB

May­ SPOT.Light - Carla J. Harvey, AIA, NCARB

July SPOT.Light - Patty Ramos, AIA, LEED AP­

­August, SPOT.Light­- Steffani Drass, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

September SPOT.Light -­Elisabeth Bernitt, ASID, LEED AP

­October SPOT.Light - Laura S. Guinan, AIA, CSI

November SPOT.Light - Patricia Canevari, AIA


January SPOT.Light Leader - Karen Carvalho, AIA

February SPOT.Light Leader - Elizabeth Clifford

March SPOT.Light Leader - May Thandar Soe, Intl. Assoc. AIA

April SPOT.Light leader - Christina Wilson

May SPOT.Light leader - Jessica Kisthart

June SPOT.Light leader - Hanjoo Kim, RID, EDAC, LEED Green Associate

July SPOT.Light leader - Jo-Anne Peck

August SPOT.Light leader - Lois Plymale

September SPOT.Light leader - Ata Rosales

October SPOT.Light leader - Andrea Licata

November SPOT.Light leader -­Yoselim Bravo, Assoc, AIA

December­­ SPOT.Light leader - Virginia Larrea, AIA


January SPOT.Light leader -­Katrina Pasteur, AIA, NCARB

February­ SPOT.Light leader - Jennifer Garcia, AIA, NCARB

March SPOT.Light leader -­Kris Young, AIA, NCARB, Associate Principal and Architect at Baker Barrios

April SPOT.Light leader - ­Sarah Colandro, FASID, IIDA, LEED AP, WELL AP, Principle, Interiors Senior Manager | AECOM

May SPOT.Light leader - Emilia Ribadeneira, M. Arch, MUCD, Designer | Rowe Architects

June SPOT.Light Leader -­Teresita Muller Karger | Interior Designer | KWJ Architects

July SPOT.Light Leader-­Ella Borja | Architecture Student | Intern | Graphics & Marketing Director | USF | AECOM | WIA Committee

August ­SPOT.Light­­leader:­ Josefina Valladares, AIA, Architect | Rowe Architects

September SPOT.Light Leader- Mirely Mercader, AIA, NCARB | Project Architect | AECOM

October ­SPOT.Light ­leader:­ Karina Lanier, AIA | Director of Architecture | Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering

November SPOT.Light Leader: Jayla Rogers | Interior Designer | Kreher Barna Design Studio

December SPOT.Light Leader:­Bria Crawford | Interior Designer + Design Project Manager | Bloomin' Brands





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